We are delighted to present the first solo exhibition and photo book with director and photographer Fabian Weber.

GLOBAL IMAGES FOR OPEN MINDS is the quintessence of a world-spanning photographic journey that has emerged from Weber’s directorial work since he embarked on his promising career ten years ago. Each carefully curated image tells a story from Weber’s unique perspective, forming a narrative that breaks down barriers and builds bridges, inviting us to view the world through a lens of unity and shared experience.

The book with the same title is not just a collection of photographs. It is a manifesto of openess, a call to embrace diversity, a testament to the power of curiosity and a tribute to the beauty of our shared human existence.

POLARWIND is also pleased to announce its participation in PHOTO BASEL 2024.

GLOBAL IMAGES FOR OPEN MINDS will be with us until the end of 2024.

We look forward to your visit to the gallery in Zurich.